Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Mobility Scooter


Wondering if a mobility scooter is right for you? It’s a big investment and buying one is not a decision to take lightly. If you have mobility problems or you struggle to walk more than a few steps, it can have a real impact on your quality of life. A scooter is a way to regain your independence.


Here are Dependable’s top reasons to have a scooter and to help you make up your mind.


  1. Pop to the corner shop: If you run out of the essentials or you’d just like some fresh air, a pavement scooter is the answer. These have an average speed of 4mph, and are ideal for shorter journeys. They often have a small basket on the front, so you can carry the basics home easily. It means that you can stick to your routine of picking up an evening paper or fresh milk.


  1. Go on holiday: When your mobility is limited, you may feel that holidays are a thing of the past, but this is not the case! You can take your scooter on the plane (stored in the hold) and you just need to give the airline a bit of notice. Staff at the airport will also be able to assist you around the terminal as well as help you in and out of the building. You’re legally allowed to take two mobility aids with you when you travel and these don’t count as part of your baggage allowance.


  1. Do a supermarket shop: Are you fed up of relying on family or carers to take you out for your groceries? Road scooters, with a speed of between 6-8 mph, are suitable, as the name suggests, for travelling on the road. You can safely do a round trip to the supermarket to pick up something special for tea that you can’t get locally.


  1. Visit friends: If your mobility problems are affecting your social life, a scooter will make a difference. Road scooters have a battery that lasts for around 20 miles, meaning that you can visit your friends whenever you like, even if they’re in the next town over.


  1. Days out with the family: Worried that your scooter stops you going on road trips? If you like to get out and about and have a day out at the coast, local market or town centre, you can choose a small “boot scooter”. These are compact enough to fit in the car boot, and come in foldable or dismantling models. Remember, due to their small size, they are only suitable for pavements.


  1. Take the grandchildren out: Give mum and dad a break and spend some quality time with the grandkids. Many of the larger buses are adapted to allow wheelchair or scooter access, so if the kids are big enough to walk you can take them out for the day on your own. Contact your destination ahead of time to find out where the disabled entrance is – by law, museums, leisure centres and restaurants must be accessible to everyone, regardless of what aids they use.


  1. Access disabled toilets: If you need to use the toilet while you’re out, you don’t need to worry about getting up or down stairs or trying to get into a small bathroom. Mobility scooters will fit into a disabled toilet, meaning that you can drive in and transfer once you’re in, guaranteeing privacy and comfort. Apply for a Radar key and you’ll have access to thousands of disabled facilities across the country. Bathrooms which need a Radar key are often cleaner and fitted with handrails and a low washbasin to make things even easier.


  1. Improve your general health: A surprising benefit of a mobility scooter is that they can actually make you feel better. You’ll have more energy, because you’re not struggling to walk or operate a manual wheelchair. A motorised scooter also reduces the strain on joints (elbows and wrists) and shoulder muscles that comes from using an ordinary wheelchair – whether that’s you propelling yourself or someone else pushing you. Using a scooter can prolong the time you retain the ability to walk.


  1. Save you money in the long-term: Yes, the initial purchase of a mobility scooter is high, but it will save you money if you’ve been relying on taxis to transport you door to door, or if you’ve been using online shopping for only a few purchases. It saves your family money on petrol doing the shopping for you, so they can put it towards days out for all the family instead. Once you reach the state pension age, you’re entitled to a free bus pass, so you can still take trips wherever you like.


  1. Give you peace of mind: Having a scooter tucked under the stairs or charging in the garage enables you to go out on your own. Your mobility problems no longer control your independence and you can be confident that not only can you get outside, you can do so safely and comfortably. If you have arthritis or similar, you have the option to choose a scooter which has specially-adapted controls. You don’t have to rely on anyone else and you’re free to keep your own hours – with a road scooter you don’t have to worry about missing the last bus home!