A Dependable Mobility stairlift will allow you to think of the important things in life that matter to you rather than facing the constant struggle and worry of simply getting up and down the stairs.  At Dependable we recognise the significance of what a stairlift can offer and we have the perfect choice to help you rediscover your independence in your own home.  We don’t have any pushy sales people just people that care and want to get the best solution for you.

Are you one of the many people struggling to get up and down your stairs at home?

Do you have a mobility or disability problem stopping you moving between floors and want to gain you freedom again?

This could be the perfect solution for you by providing an alternative and convenient mobility solution, minimising changes to your household and everyday life. This makes moving up and down stairs so much easier and you can save your energy for the more enjoyable things in life.

Advantages of having a Dependable stairlift installed

  • You won’t have to move out of your current home.
  • The price is going to be a lot cheaper than having to install a bathroom
  • downstairs, or having to change one of your downstairs rooms into a bedroom.
  • We are North East based and any problems you face you can simply call our care-line.
  • You will be able to access both parts of your house.
  • They are designed around you this means curves are not a problem or doorways that are obstructing.
  • Installation is quick and professionally installed by trained experts with no waiting around.  We can have your stairlift installed in less than 3 days depending on what type of stairlift you go for.

According to Which prices can be “normally costing between £2,000 and £7,000”- We will quote you and that is the price you will pay.

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Types and prices of stairlifts we sell

  • Straight: If your staircase is straight and has no corners then this will fit your needs. Prices start from around £2000 - £4000 depending on your circumstances IE: Is your staircase longer? Do you want your controls in a different place or do you need a joy pad for easier control?  Do you need a heavier duty motor?
  • Curved: If you have a curved staircase there are two options you could go for-one option is two stairlifts this is sometimes cheaper than having a curved installed.  The second option is to get a rail that can curve this can be a little more expensive as these are very customisable to your own home.  Prices can range from £3000 - £5000 depending on the makeup IE how many bends are there and how complex the angles are on the bends.
  • Reconditioned: If you are looking for the best price for your stairlift reconditioned or nearly new can bring great savings.  At current stock we have 8 reconditioned stairlifts which are all different prices starting from £1500 - £3500.   All reconditioned stairlifts come with 2 years parts and warranty.

The layout of your staircase will determine which is most suitable and how much your stairlift is going to cost.

Do you need a stairlift?

If you’re struggling to climb up or down the stairs, no doubt many thoughts and worries have crossed your mind.   You may have thought do you move into a bungalow? Live downstairs? Enlist the help of a carer? Whilst these options may make everyday living easier, they bring about other strains and concerns such as hassle, high costs and having to arrange new bathroom facilities. Stairlifts, on the other hand, provide an alternative and convenient mobility solution, minimising changes to your household and everyday life and making moving around the house easier and more enjoyable again.

We recommend: -

  • Talking to anybody you know to get an unbiased opinion and accurate insight into the advantages of having a stairlift in your home.  They may even have some suggestions on which questions to ask throughout the process.
  • You may also find it useful to contact an Occupational Therapist (OT) for guidance on your individual requirements.  You can also talk to your doctor or nurse.
  • Take your time.  Safety and reliability are paramount, so don’t be pressured by cold callers and pushy salespersons.
  • Request a free brochure to comfortably compare different designs and prices in your own time. A number of reputable companies online are also on hand to offer free independent advice to help you assess your options.
  • Don’t forget to get the right quotation if you are looking more for reconditioned it’s important that you get a quotation for reconditioned the same goes for straight and curved stairlifts.   This also this means you will get the best price.
  • Book an informal appointment either at our Newcastle office or in your home. We even recommend having a friend or a family member with you-We always work from our slogan “Where people matter”.
  • Price Match Guarantee

    Dependable will happily match any quote for the same or similar stairlift should you manage to find a better deal from another reputable UK company. This Price Match Guarantee is valid up until the day it is installed for added convenience and peace of mind. 

    How to take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee:

    1. Contact Dependable for a free, no-obligation quote.

    2. a) If you have already obtained a like-for- like quotation in writing from another reputable supplier in the UK, simply show us the quote or complete our Price Match Guarantee form.

    3. b) If you’re still shopping around and manage to find a cheaper quote for a like-for-like product as above, obtain this quotation in writing. Then, simply show us the written quote or complete our Price Match Guarantee form.

    4. Dependable will then happily match the price and arrange for it to be installed. 

    Terms and Conditions

    Our Price Match Guarantee is only available on stairlifts offering similar designs and terms.  In order for us to match the quotation, you must provide us with written proof of the alternative quotation from a reputable supplier before or at the point of installation.  Quotations must be provided in the form of writing from a reputable company or via our Price Match Guarantee form.

Who installs my stairlift?

We have teamed with Companion a great trusted British based company who are endorsed by Which who are experts in consumer products for people like you and me.

As the Companion site states “Companion will only install stairlifts that have achieved the most recent British and European safety standards”  Companion is also member of The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), which means its working practices meet the high standards set out by the BHTA Code of Practice.

We work within an 80-mile radius from our showroom in Benton, Newcastle upon-Tyne to ensure a friendly, local service that’s 100% catered to you. 

If you are struggling to find the best type of stairlift for your home and circumstances or even for a family member give us a call on our care line 0191 6498733, or send a message and we will be pleased to help you select the right option that fits your needs.


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