Single Motor

Our single motor rise reclining electric chairs are defined by the backrest and the footrest operating at the same time. Picture the scene, as your chair reclines , your footrest automatically rises giving your legs ultra support. This makes them great for putting your feet up and relaxing and having a bit natter on the phone. Operated through a single set of buttons this makes them extremely easy to use. Are you experience discomfort or pain when getting in or out of armchairs or your sofa? Or do you or your loved one have limited mobility, A single motor will helping you rise to your feet effortlessly. Reasons to buy a single motor rise recliner · Very easy to use · Ideal for people with reduced mobility, back or joint problems. · Great for spinal support & comfort than a standard recliner chair. · We have some of the best prices in Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. · Vat exempt is available on all Single motor rise recliners. · Ideal for users with poor leg circulation.