The popularity of rollators has even amazed us here at Dependable. Walking through any high street, particularly in the North East and Newcastle we can almost guarantee you would have seen one of our range in action. Nicknamed wheeled walkers the rollators popularity can probably be put down to the freedom it gives to users, whilst at the same time helping to provide further stability and safety to the user when moving around. What's more a rollator is simple to use and even easier to fold away. We at Dependable carefully handpick and test drive all of our rollators to ensure that your safety is never ever compromised. Our range includes features such as: Being height adjustable so you can move the handles to an ideal walking position. Handle brakes, unlike walkers rollators have wheels on all 3 legs and with a slight grip will come to resting position slowly and smoothly. Folding function allowing you to leave your rollator in a cupboard, at home, or in the boot of a car easily and quickly with no hassle. Use for Indoors and outdoors the 6 inch wheeled rollators in particular are perfect for around the home, and for stepping outdoors we would always recommend the 8 inch wheeled rollators, which can be found on our bestseller the R8 Rollator, from Drive Medical. You can read our Rollators Review Over on Yell.