We love to hear positive stories from our customers about how our products have made a difference to their lives or their loved ones’ lives. Recently, we received an email from John Copeland, who had helped his dad to choose a mobility scooter to use to get around the village.


“My dad is typical of most men in the north east – he’s from a mining family and lives in the same village where grew up and everybody knows him. We lost my mam last year, which was a real shock to us all. Dad’s just got on with things and learned to look after himself at home, making sandwiches and so on.


However, he’s not as steady on his feet as he used to be, although he wouldn’t admit it. He started spending more time in the garden shed, because he could get down there with his walker, but my sister and I realised that he was missing his friends at the club, so we decided to encourage him to consider a mobility scooter.


I had a look online for our nearest stockists, and I was really pleased to find the Dependable site, because all of the options are listed clearly, with photographs and prices displayed. What I particularly liked was the “track” that you have, so people can test drive a scooter before they make a decision.


My sister and I started to gently prod my dad into thinking about socialising more and we took him for a run in the car a few times. I then arranged with Dependable to visit the showroom to try out a couple of scooters, and made it a proper lads afternoon for me and dad.


The staff were so helpful, and answered all of dad’s questions. He was able to find out about colours, what to do with his walking stick and how much shopping he could carry. He likes to go out for the paper and a pint of milk, so he was pleased he could start doing that again without having to wait for one of us – it also gives him a chance to have a chat to the bloke in the corner shop about the football.


Thanks to Paul and all the staff for making the process straightforward and painless – they really understood that dad’s grumpiness was just his pride!”