Vat Exemption On Products

We at Dependable Mobility are pleased to inform customers that certain mobility aid items sold online are eligible for zero VAT. This exemption is in place providing the mobility product you purchase meets the government-set criteria.

Which products does this include?

In order to qualify for a VAT exemption, there are certain guidelines you need to meet. Providing you meet these guidelines, the following mobility products are eligible for zero VAT: mobility scooters, mobility chairs, adjustable beds, stairlifts, alarms, medical aids and wheelchairs.

VAT exemption also applies to mobility repairs, spare parts and mobility installations, as well as items adapted for use by someone with a disability. Building works on the home (such as widening doors or adding ramps to accommodate a wheelchair) are included, as are aids for those with low vision or Braille paper. However, contact lenses and spectacles are not covered.

Also exempt from VAT are medical appliances to help with severe injuries (as described by HMRC), adapted motor vehicles and Motability vehicles leased from a car dealership.

How can I compare prices with and without VAT?

Next to all of our eligible products, we display a clear notice indicating both the price inclusive and exclusive of VAT. To make it easier for our customers, we also have a feature on our website, which allows you to do the calculation yourself.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

HMRC make the decision on whether or not you’re eligible for VAT exemption based on the fact that you are disabled or have a long-term illness (see list below). The products that are exempt are those that aid the customers with their disability or illness and restore their confidence and independence. Please note that this only applies to products purchased in the UK, or imported items.

HMRC classifies people as exempt if:

• They are terminally ill.
• They have a chronic disease (such as diabetes).
• They have a physical or mental impairment affecting their ability to carry out everyday tasks (e.g. blindness).

HMRC does not classify people as exempt if:

• They are elderly but in good health, or if their incapacity is temporary.
• They plan to use the mobility products for business use rather than personal use.

How does it work?

Once you’ve chosen your item and move to check out, you will be taken to a compulsory form. Here you are requested to declare full responsibility for stating that you are eligible for VAT exemption. Please note that Dependable Mobility accept no liability if the information you provide is incorrect.

Additional support and information

If you require any additional assistance or advice, please note that your local council can also offer support, and they can arrange for any necessary home adaptations should you require wheelchair ramp or stairlift installation.

In addition, Dependable Mobility are always on hand to help with any concerns. Please call 0191 6498733 today and our friendly team can assist with any of your queries.