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  • Borg Dual Motor Riseer Recliner in Burgundy

Restwell Borg Dual Riser Recliner - Burgundy

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The Borg Rise and Recline Chair is the star of the portfolio from Restwell, manufacturers of the ultimate recliner chairs. Restwell are rightly proud of the Borg, as it is luxuriously upholstered in leather and matching PVC, making it soft and comfortable.

Restwell Borg Dual Riser Recliner - Burgundy

The contemporary finish gives the Borg Rise and Recline a stylish look, meaning it fits in with any modern living room. The chairs have been designed to give the best user comfort on the market, making them an inviting choice for anyone looking for a pleasing yet practical seating solution.

Not only does the armchair have a smooth, quiet mechanics operation, but it has a snooze position to make taking 40 winks in the afternoon peaceful and relaxing. You won’t want to move once you get settled in the Borg recliner chair!

The Borg Rise and Recline armchair is the perfect choice for those with limited mobility, or even if your stiff joints give you trouble now and again. The lift, rest and recline actions are all distinct, enabling you to get to your feet smoothly and easily.

The castors on the bottom are designed to make moving the chair much easier. The Borg armchair comes in a single motor option too, but the dual motor lets the user move the backrest and leg rest independently.

The chair also comes with a side pocket, so you can have your essential items easily to hand and all in one place. There’s plenty of space for you to keep various bits and pieces in it.

The Borg Dual Motor Leather Rise and Recline armchair has a number of safety features, including battery back-up, allowing you to reset the chair in the event of an electrical fault.

It has a recline distance of 2” (6cm) and there is a built-in safety key in the hand controller – when this is removed, the handset deactivates and prevents the chair from moving, which is ideal when curious grandchildren come to visit. As with the other Restwell products, the handset is simple to use, even if you have limited use in your hand.

We would recommend that you have your Borg Dual Motor Leather Rise and Recline Armchair checked regularly by an engineer, and look it over yourself now and again for signs of wear and tear. Always have it plugged directly into a socket, never an extension cable, and return it to upright when not in use.



Borg Dual Motor in Brown

92cm (36”)

102cm (40”)

112cm (44”)

51cm (20”)

51cm (20”)

55cm (21.5”)

150kg (23st)