• Lightweight Folding Wheelchair ramp 4ft
  • Folded Wheelchair Ramp
  • Folded Wheelchair Ramp

Folding Wheelchair Ramp - 4ft

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This 4ft folding disability ramp is designed to give wheelchair access over a high kerb (up to a maximum of 8 inches) or across several steps

Folding Wheelchair Ramp - 4ft

When fully extended, the wheelchair ramp measures 120 cm, or 4 feet, in length, with a width of 700mm (7.9 inches). It has a weight capacity of 275 kg (43 stone, 606 lb).

For safety, the folding wheelchair ramp comes with raised edges on either side to prevent chairs rolling off. It has an anti-slip surface which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It’s easy to use – simply rest it against or over whatever needs to be crossed, and load onto it. It’s also lightweight to make handling the wheelchair ramp easier, and complies with Health and Safety guidelines. It has a maximum gradient of 1 in 6, although 1 in 8 is the suggested ideal.

The 4 foot wheelchair ramp is designed to fold down horizontally to a compact size, so that transporting and storing the ramp is easy, and allowing wheelchair users pavement access wherever they are.

It’s perfect for ensuring legal compliance and making sure buildings are accessible to all, but can be removed for the safety of other staircase or kerb users.


Length (ft) 2 - 8
Length (mm) 610-2440
Total Width (mm) 720
Min. Load Height (mm) 100
Max. Load Height (mm) 405
Weight (kg) 5.4 - 21
Capacity (kg) 275-300